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Cycling Trip Along the Northern Bank of the Keelung River
L.F. Lee
January 25, 2004

Distance 44.02 miles (70.432 km)
Time 2 hour 54 minutes 04 seconds
Average Speed 15.1 miles/hour (24.16 km/hr)
Maximum Speed 20.2 miles/hour (32.32 km/hr)

(From Lynn Lee's place)

DSCF3673 DSCF3674 DSCF3675 DSCF3676 DSCF3677
DSCF3673.jpg DSCF3674.jpg DSCF3675.jpg DSCF3676.jpg DSCF3677.jpg
DSCF3678 DSCF3679 DSCF3680 DSCF3681 DSCF3682
DSCF3678.jpg DSCF3679.jpg DSCF3680.jpg DSCF3681.jpg DSCF3682.jpg
DSCF3683 DSCF3684 DSCF3685 DSCF3686 DSCF3687
DSCF3683.jpg DSCF3684.jpg DSCF3685.jpg DSCF3686.jpg DSCF3687.jpg
DSCF3688 DSCF3689 DSCF3690 DSCF3691 DSCF3692
DSCF3688.jpg DSCF3689.jpg DSCF3690.jpg DSCF3691.jpg DSCF3692.jpg
DSCF3693 DSCF3694 DSCF3695 DSCF3696 DSCF3697
DSCF3693.jpg DSCF3694.jpg DSCF3695.jpg DSCF3696.jpg DSCF3697.jpg
DSCF3698 DSCF3699 DSCF3700 DSCF3701 DSCF3702
DSCF3698.jpg DSCF3699.jpg DSCF3700.jpg DSCF3701.jpg DSCF3702.jpg
DSCF3703 DSCF3704 DSCF3705 DSCF3706 DSCF3707
DSCF3703.jpg DSCF3704.jpg DSCF3705.jpg DSCF3706.jpg DSCF3707.jpg